All of us here at Piekarski and Associates are pleased to announce that Pools By Bradley has chosen us as their Web design and Internet marketing partner. As previously discussed, one of the very best moments for an owner of a web design and Internet marketing company is when a client’s new site is published and goes live. Especially when the client is pleased with our company’s efforts on their behalf and appreciates our staff’s hard work. However, right at the top of the “Best Moment” list is the signing on of a brand new client; remarkably so when the new client fits every criteria on your “I Wish They Were A Client” list! Knowing that our efforts will help them, realizing that they are in a niche that is extremely “doable”, seeing that their current efforts are holding them back and anticipating that their ROI will make us heroes here at Piekarski & Associates are all important components of the “win – win” list. However, the fact that the potential client will be so much fun to work with and very simply are really nice people is the icing on the cake when the potential customer actually chooses to become a client!

Pools By Bradley

Such is the case with our newest client: Pools By Bradley. Family owned and operated locally since 1996, Pools By Bradley has been recently rated as one of the top 50 pool builders in the entire U.S. and named the “Best Pool Company” in Orlando by Orlando Magazine. Their expert design solutions and innovative construction techniques create a unique custom pool for each of their clients that is basically an expression of themselves, their life style and their home. Their Mission Statement really says it all: “Pools by Bradley is committed to designing and building your ultimate outdoor pool atmosphere. We intend to inspire you to improve the recreational time you spend with your family and friends in your new outdoor environment.”.

It’s important to note that Pools By Bradley is currently expanding. They are in the process of opening up their second location in New Smyrna Beach very soon.

What We Will Do For Pools By Bradley

Custom Design Using WordPress

A new custom design will be produced for their web site: The current design, although showing the visitor the extremely fun nature of their company culture, does not reflect the extremely unique and custom design capabilities that they offer their customers. Pools By Bradley is perhaps Central Florida’s most talented pool builder, creating “one of a kind” pools that are individually designed for a home and unique to the home owner’s lifestyle.

Additionally, the current design is not responsive and therefor is not optimal for Google search rankings. It is currently “hard coded” in HTML, so using WordPress as a content management system for their site will solve this issue, plus make it SEO friendly and give the client the ability to easily make updates in the future.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

A new design and CMS system do not by themselves equate into generating leads and new customers. Although an increase in visitor conversions and a decrease in bounce rate are anticipated, BPAAC will fully optimize their new site for Google with expanded key-worded content, custom title tags and META descriptions, plus ongoing content development.


We will generate and post three unique custom blogs each month on the client’s behalf. Additionally, we will optimize and publish any blog posts that the client develops. Without the constant addition of unique and authoritative content to their site, the redesign will not produce the results and give Pools By Bradley the return on their investment that they expect. This client is already on the right path, discussing possible topics that are intended to educate their audience in regards to building custom pools for residents in the Central Florida and Orlando Metropolitan area.


So many times we find that the client’s web host is the cause of many of their issues. Out of a total of 21 new clients in 2017 so far, we have switched 17 to our hosting services. Issues such as page load speed, updates and downtime are easily addressed. Hosting is one of those areas where the old cliche “you get what you pay for” really is so very true. Currently their site does not use HTTPS. This will be remedied, along with a tremendous improvement in their site’s page loading speed. Additionally, the URL has canonicalization issues that we will address and eliminate.

Need Assistance?

If you’re not satisfied with your current vendor, remember, as always, that everyone here at Piekarski & Associates is willing to help you. We are open to discussion and feedback. Please feel free to Contact Us Online or call us here at (407) 464-0244. Better yet, just call me directly on my cell (321) 217-9086 if you need help with your company’s online marketing efforts or web design needs. I’ll be happy to talk and give you the personal attention that all of our clients deserve and receive. That applies to everyone, whether your company is large or small. We actually enjoy helping people here at Piekarski & Associates!