Website Redesign and SEO

The redesign is complete and published for the Florida Urological Associates in Coral Springs, Fl. We did a complete redesign and SEO for the client in 60 days! On review of the site audit from before and after the redesign, the client was thrilled that all the previously existing errors and primary issues that were hindering his SEO efforts were corrected. Already they are seeing better Google rankings, a decreased bounce rate and, more importantly an increase in conversions.


A new user friendly responsive design was custom developed for the Florida Urological Associates in Coral Springs, Fl. The previous design was called “klunky” by our client and very disorganized. With so much information already available on the site, the challenge was to present it to visitors so that they easily could find what they were looking for. It is important to note that the site redesign accomplished two objectives for the client:
1. It positioned the Florida Urological Associates as the premiere Urological Physician Practice in their geographical area.
2. It accomplished Dr. Bert Vorstman’s goal of presenting the facts regarding Prostate Cancer and its treatment to the public. Being one of the most renowned urological surgeons in the world, Dr. Vorstman is a known critic of the classification of prostate cancer and the Gleason 6 issues regarding unnecessary treatment of prostate patients. He is major factor in what is becoming a national fight against the unnecessary and dangerous use of robotic prostatectomy in prostate patient treatment.


A site audit before the redesign of the site showed numerous issues. After internal discussions leading to an in depth consultation with our client, it was apparent that simply redesigning and recoding the site made much more sense than slowly “band-aiding” the issues over time. In this particular case, attempting to fix the existing issues simply meant increasing the client’s costs regarding both time and money.
Before the project, a site audit showed 541 errors. Of these there were 38 with a 4XX status and 2 with 5XX. A site audit preformed after the redesign was published revealed ALL the errors were fixed (4XX and 5XX).
One of the primary issues that needed to be addressed was there were 293 existing issues of HTTPS pages with mixed content issues. It is amazing to me that that we found 293 hard-coded instances of existing links to the HTTP address. Manually identifying and fixing would have been a waste of time and resources.
Now HTTPS pages with mixed content issues: = 0
2. Bounce Rate and Session Duration
Although not enough time has really gone by to compare “apples to apples”, the first 12 days revealed the following patterns:
– A previous bounce rate of 82.4% was decreased to 66.4%.
– Session duration average increased from 1.32 minutes to almost double at 2.57 minutes.
3. Conversion Rate
An increase of almost 67% has occurred.


So many times we find that the client’s web host is really the cause of many issues. Out of a total of 17 new clients in 2017 so far, we have switched 14 to our hosting services. Issues such as page load speed, updates and downtime are easily addressed. Hosting is one of those areas where the old cliche “you get what you pay for” really is so very true.

A Lot of SEO Work Still To Do

Now that the new version of the site is published, the real SEO work has begun. Empty ALT text (450), empty META descriptions (436), duplicate title tags (33), etc. take time to fix.

Need Assistance?

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