All of us here at Piekarski and Associates Consulting are pleased to announce that Concrete Erectors, Inc. has chosen us to redesign and host their website. As previously discussed, one of the very best moments for an owner of a web design and Internet marketing company is when a client’s new site is published and goes live. However, also right at the top of the “Best Moment” list is the signing on of a brand new client; remarkably so when the new client fits every criteria on our “I Wish They Were A Client” list! Knowing that our efforts will help them, plus seeing that their current website is presenting them with stress and pain, makes this project a certain “win – win” situation for both of our companies. However, the fact that this client will commit the necessary resources for us to do our very best for them, plus that they are really nice people is the icing on the cake when the potential customer actually chooses to become a client!

About Concrete Erectors, Inc.

Founded back in 2000 by Thomas F. Allen and Danny R. Jones, Concrete Erectors, Inc. is the largest precast cell erector in the entire United States. With an outstanding reputation in the construction industry, they are known as the leading experts in erecting architectural precast and prestress concrete for multi-story buildings (such as multi-story parking garages), precast modular cell units on prisons, plus hollow-core and structural wall panel projects. In 2006 Concrete Erectors, Inc. completed their first International project – the Barbados Prison Facility in St. Philip, Barbados. With a skilled team of precast concrete engineers, crane operators, welders and riggers, their entire team is committed to excellence and they are PCI (Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute) qualified.

What We Will Do For Concrete Erectors: Redesign and Hosting

Custom Design Using WordPress

A new custom design will be produced for their web site: The current design was adequate when built back in 2008, but looks outdated according to the owners. Additionally, the current design is not responsive and therefor is not optimal for Google search rankings.

More importantly, the current website uses a proprietary CMS (Content Management System) that the client does not have access to in order to make updates. This posed three problems to the client:
1. They had to have the current vendor make all of the updates for them. This involved paying fees, plus frequently time delays based on the vendor’s schedule and workload. As one may note by looking at their current website, Concrete Erectors simply stopped making any website updates at the end of 2014.
2. Since the Content Management System was proprietary, Concrete Erectors did not own the code. Moving the site meant that they would not obtain the source code, thus being dependent still on the current vendor for implementing any programming modifications, updates or changes.
3. The programming of the current site utilized classic ASP. Although great years ago, Microsoft moved on to dotNET technology (and the majority of web developers moved away from Microsoft).

Using WordPress as a content management system for their site will solve all of these issue, plus make it SEO friendly and give the client the ability to easily make updates in the future.


So many times we find that the client’s web host is the cause of many of their issues. Out of a total of 22 new clients in 2017 so far, we have switched 18 to our hosting services. Issues such as page load speed, updates and downtime are easily addressed. Hosting is one of those areas where the old cliche “you get what you pay for” really is so very true. Currently their site does not use HTTPS. This will be remedied, along with a tremendous improvement in their site’s page loading speed.

Need Some Web Design or Internet Marketing Assistance?

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