All of us here at Piekarski and Associates are excited to announce that Jennette Properties, Inc. has chosen us as their Internet marketing partner. The signing on of such an established firm is an incredible opportunity to help their business flourish, plus places us here at BPAAC in the spotlight by working with such a well known and prestigious organization. The fact that the client will be so much fun to work with and, very simply, are really nice people is the icing on the cake!  It is truly both a privilege and quite an honor to be selected as their new vendor.

About Jennette Properties

Jennette Properties, Inc. is the largest property management company on the West Coast of Florida. For over two decades now, they’ve managed the most prestigious portfolio of Florida’s Gulf Shore’s homes and houses available for rental. When an expensive home in Sarasota, Longboat Key, Siesta Key, Anna Marie Island, Bradenton Beach, Holmes Beach and all the other beautiful areas that comprise Florida’s Gulf Coast is purchased, many times it is Jennette Properties that the buyer contracts with to manage and rent out their property.

There are actually two types of rentals that Jennette Properties manages: short term and long term. What they label as short term rentals is perhaps not what most people would consider to be “short term”. These rentals are for a minimum term of thirty (30) days. Many residents of the area live there for only the winter months and utilize  Jennette Properties to rent and manage their properties for the remainder of the year. There are also home owners who rent out their houses for years at a time. These are considered long term rentals and are a specialty of  the experienced, licensed professional agents at Sarasota’s Best Rentals, a division of Jennette Properties.

What We Will Do For Jennette Properties

Conversion to WordPress

Both of Jennette’s websites currently utilize a proprietary third-party CMS (Content Management System). We will be moving them to a WordPress platform for several reasons. Firstly, and perhaps most importantly from the client’s perspective, is the ability for us to get enhanced SEO and Google rankings by using WordPress. The primary reason that the client reached out to us was that they no longer received enough traffic and conversions to justify staying with their current vendor. Secondly is the fact that the client does not own the source code for their websites. Although the current vendor would most likely give them a copy of the complied code, making programming changes to the current CMS system would be problematic. Lastly, the current CMS system is coded using MS dotnet (.NET), making code modifications and additional functionality an expensive undertaking when compared to WordPress.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

A new CMS system does not by itself equate into generating leads and new customers. Although, by making several adjustments to the current design both an increase in visitor conversions and a decrease in bounce rate are anticipated, BPAAC will fully optimize their new site for Google with expanded key-worded content, custom title tags and META descriptions, plus ongoing content development.


We will generate and post three unique custom blogs each month on the client’s behalf. Additionally, we will optimize and publish any blog posts that the client develops. Without the constant addition of unique and authoritative content to their sites, the conversion alone will not produce the results and give Jennette the return on their investment that they expect. The previous marketing company seemed to be “stuck in the old days of Google” when a 300 word post was sufficient. Google, BING and the other Search Engines are constantly evolving and so are their requirements and search algorithms. In today’s world a post should not only be 1,000 words or more, it should contain a mixture of inbound and outbound links, along with other images or media to enrich the user experience. This client is already on the right path, discussing possible topics that are intended to educate their audience in regards to both the short-term and long-term rentals of luxury homes in the Gulf Coast area of Florida.


So many times we find that the client’s web host is the cause of many of their issues. Out of a total of 28 new clients so far, we have switched the vast majority over to our hosting services. Issues such as page load speed, updates and downtime are easily addressed. Hosting is one of those areas where the old cliche “you get what you pay for” really is so very true. Currently neither of their sites utilize HTTPS. This will be remedied, along with a tremendous improvement in their site’s page loading speed. Both factors are now major parts of Google’s ever changing algorithm and are highly recommended for obtaining enhanced search rankings and results.

Need Some Help?

If you’re not satisfied with your current vendor, remember, as always, that everyone here at Piekarski & Associates is willing to help you. We are open to discussion and feedback. Please feel free to Contact Us Online or call us here at (407) 464-0244. Better yet, just call me directly on my cell (321) 217-9086 if you need help with your company’s online marketing efforts or web design needs. I’ll be happy to talk and give you the personal attention that all of our clients deserve and receive. That applies to everyone, whether your company is large or small. We actually enjoy helping people here at Piekarski & Associates!