It’s never been more important that your website works perfectly on all devices. Whatever your industry, people will expect to access your website from mobiles, tablets and desktops alike.

Mobile-friendliness is important for your SEO strategy too. . With search engine algorithms changing to prioritise mobile-friendly websites in the mobile search results, if your website isn’t responsive then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.

All the WordPress websites we design are fully responsive straight out of the box. This means that the layout of your website will automatically adapt to fit different screen sizes and devices.

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You may be operating in a competitive industry, however with a good ongoing SEO and social media marketing campaign, we can usually generate a buzz around your brand and significantly raise awareness among your target market. We’ll advise on whether your goals are likely to be realistic given your budget.

As with any SEO, there are no guarantees as to the likely results and it’s important to have realistic expectations. Depending on your package, we will maximise your chances of achieving your goal through a combination of organic SEO, social media marketing and PPC (pay per click). With the Ultimate package, we’ll invest some of the monthly budget in paid search on a short-term basis, aiming to get you within the top 3 spots of the sponsored listings for several of your keywords within month 1 of the campaign. This will give you good quality traffic from the start while we wait for the longer-term organic improvements to take effect.

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WordPress is a hugely popular CMS which anyone can use to build a blog, website, or e-commerce site. It is easy-to-use, user-friendly and very efficient. WordPress was initially used to set up a blog but due to a large open source community of developers it has evolved and can also be used to set up a website and e-commerce site.

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Today’s audience is using multiple screens at one time; with our approach, “Amplify the View,” we help our clients capitalize on that. Smart digital and CRM campaigns capture the interest of your audience, propel their engagement forward, drive sales, and further your brand. Your customers will be inspired to interact with your brand through our expertly crafted web and mobile experiences, strategic paid search and digital media, effective online banner ads, and sales-driving emails. We base our digital recommendations on solid consumer-response data, engaging users at all stages—from acquisition to cross-sell, retention to win-back. And finally, advanced analytics help fine-tune your digital and CRM campaigns for optimal ROI.

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Augmented Reality is a new digital technology that combines real world items with a virtual world of information.  By simply using your phone of any other AR capable device your staff and customers can unlock a virtual world of information that is linked to real world objects by using computer generated images, sounds, videos or GPS data.  A digital marker is used to engage this information, the marker can be a simple image, piece of equipment or even a city sky line.

As a business tool, Augmented Reality applications have been used to further marketing efforts, create brand awareness and initiate promotional giveaways.  AR is the next big tool for advertising think of all  of the possibilities, maybe you own a restaurant.  Your customers could view your menu with an AR application that would show your food items on the plate sitting in front of them as they scroll through your menu.  A mall could provide turn by turn directions to a store you are unable to find, a golf course could give you the exact distance to the hole and other relevant course information like weather and wind speeds.

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