The redesign and reprogramming of the US Home Filter site is completed and published live. After several months of hard work by both our staff here at Piekarski & Associates Consulting and the client’s internal marketing department,  is successfully taking orders online from consumers purchasing air conditioning filters and furnace filters for their homes. US Home Filter specializes in providing their customers quality air filters and filtration solutions. Being owned by a major manufacturer of air filters allows them the ability to offer a vast selection of standard air filters, as well as custom size air filters at reasonable prices. As is the same for their parent company, US Home Filters is well known for both providing quality products along with outstanding customer service.

About Midwest Supply, Inc.

US Home Filters is owned and operated by Midwest Supply, Inc., a major US manufacturer of both commercial and residential air filters. In business for over 89 years now, US Home Filter became their online division in early 2001. Midwest Supply, Inc. was founded in 1928 and is actually still owned and operated by the same family (in it’s fourth generation!). All of their products are made and shipped from their manufacturing facility and warehouse located just south of Kansas City, Missouri. Everyone who works for Midwest Supply is proud to say that all of their products are “Made by Americans in America” for almost 90 years.

The Challenge of their Shopping Cart

As I have learned from this project, both the purchasing and the selling of air conditioning filters online is not as easy as it may sound. Selecting the right filter is in many instances both difficult and confusing. Especially when it comes to what are known as custom AC filters! Does the customer search for the manufacturer or for the type of filter? Turns out that the dimensions (sizes) are actually the critical factor, but did the customer measure the unit or their old filter? Does the filter go in the air handler, wall or ceiling? Is the consumer looking for an air filter, a whole-house air filter or really a grille filter? Then add in the MERV ratings, pleating and packaging options. We haven’t even gotten to pricing and shipping yet!

This is actually the fifth (5th) shopping cart that the client has had. In the beginning no one at the company even remembers what exactly their initial shopping cart was. Then they switched to a proprietary system that worked well for them for several years. Yet as shopping carts evolved, a proprietary solution that was programmed in dotNET simply became to expensive to customize frequently. Next came Magento eCommerce shopping cart. Although my personal experience has been very bad when it comes to programming, maintaining and marketing a Magento site, others have had better experience and success. However, the client’s experience had been very negative. Whether the system or the previous SEO company (or a combination of both) were the cause, US Home Filters traffic and sales suffered.

WooCommerce and WordPress Was Our Solution

What we did for US Home filters was actually pretty simple: we took their existing site and just made it better! Using WordPress for the site allowed us to then easily convert the shopping cart from Magento to a WooCommerce platform. After 20+ years of developing custom proprietary shopping carts in dotNET, I found the entire process to be both easy and affordable. I firmly believe that WooCommerce is by far the best eCommerce platform for WordPress, leading to a website that is easy to maintain for the client’s staff, indexes extremely well on Google and all at a low production cost.

Basically we were able to easily migrate all the client’s existing data from Magento to WooCommerce using the FG Magento to WooCommerce plugin. The process was fast, efficient and produced accurate results. Switching their merchant service account to a different processor then required using the Payment Gateway. The last puzzle piece was simply utilizing Woo Subscriptions plugin, thereby adding the functionality to allow customers the option of choosing auto-renewal by credit card when making a purchase.

We also changed the entire way that the customer was able to search for the filters on the site. Previously (and on almost all other sites) a customer had to go through a sequence of searches to get to the exact filter they needed. The new site allows the visitor to search just about anyway they want. Start with the size, type or manufacturer and find what you’re looking fast and efficiently.


So many times we find that the client’s web host is the cause of many issues. Out of a total of 19 new clients in 2017 so far, we have switched 15 to our hosting services. Issues such as page load speed, updates and downtime are easily addressed. Hosting is one of those areas where the old cliche “you get what you pay for” really is so very true.

A Lot of SEO Work Still To Do

Now that the new version of the site is published, the real SEO work begins. Along with the Titles and META descriptions comes the optimization of their content (copy and images). Then never ending constant adjustments as we see how the new site ranks on the search engines. Monitoring of previous bounce rates, conversions and cart abandonment will allow us to fine tune the site over the next several months. We are all excited here to see the results and will be reporting it all along the way.

Need Some Help?

Is your website or shopping cart not producing a decent ROI? Are you having issues ranking well on Google? As always, everyone here at Piekarski & Associates is willing to help. We are willing to taking a look at what your current situation is, listen to your needs, evaluate your website and then give you educated feedback on how best to meet your goals and objectives. Please feel welcome to contact us online or call us at (407) 464-0244 if you have any questions or need some help with your company’s website or online marketing efforts.