One of the best moments for an owner of a web design and Internet marketing company is when a client’s new site is published and goes live. All of the time spent involved in the selling, planning and execution of the project is suddenly in the past when a pleased client says “Great Job”! Kudos to our fine staff of designers, programmers and marketers here at Piekarski and Associates who actually do all of the hard work. Without their dedication, diligence and expertise, the feeling of satisfaction one gets from helping a client would not be possible.

Redesign for The Law Office of Mark A. Risi, PA

Mark A. Risi has been practicing personal injury law since graduating from law school in 1983. After graduating from the University of Florida in 1978, he then attended Stetson University College of Law and graduated in December 1983. He was admitted to the Florida Bar in May of 1984. After graduation, Mark worked in West Palm Beach for an insurance defense firm where he learned how insurance companies defend personal injury cases.

After two years of defending insurance companies, he then joined the nationally renowned law firm of Gary, Williams & Parenti located in Ft. Pierce, Florida, where he represented only injured persons and worked on many substantial cases for the firm. Wanting to be closer to his family, he then moved back to Daytona Beach and joined the law firm of Leonhardt & Upchurch where he worked with former Volusia County Circuit Court Judge, John Upchurch. When the firm disbanded in 1995, Mark moved to the Orlando area and started his own firm, The Law Office of Mark A. Risi. Mark has had the privilege and honor of representing only injured persons in Florida, Central Florida and the Orlando Metropolitan area since then.

Responsive and SEO Friendly Design

A new user friendly responsive design was custom developed for his site:
The previous design was developed before the term “responsive design” even existed and Mark was frustrated that his search rankings on Google were not very good. A lack of web site leads led him to realize that he needed some help. We listened to his needs and completed a custom redesign using WordPress as his platform. Additionally, we moved his web site hosting to our hosting services and added HTTPS to keep Google happy.


Mark listens well and understood that “Content Is King”. He also understood that a site redesign by itself would not help him reach his goals and objectives. Without the constant addition of unique and authoritative content his site would not produce results and give him the return on his investment that he expects. So he contracted with us here at Piekarski and Associates to blog weekly on his behalf. Mark writes well, but he has an extremely busy and successful practice that requires his attention. So we write the blogs, Mark edits them and then we tag, code and publish them on his behalf. So far this routine has resulted in three new recent posts to his site:
Public Transportation Accidents
Car Accident Statistics 2017
Hurricane Damage and Insurance
The fourth that we have written is titled Theme Park Accidents and is waiting for his edits before being published.

A Lot of SEO Work Still To Do

Now that the new version of the site is published, the real SEO work has begun. Mark writes well and personally wrote his own site content. We reviewed all of his text after performing key word research and made some adjustments. Now we are rewriting all of his title tags and META descriptions, plus updating his Google Business listing. Additionally, we produced the page on his site Dog Bites, which he had never had the chance to write previously.

Need Help?

As always, everyone here at Piekarski & Associates is willing to help. We are open to discussion and feedback. Please feel free to email me at if you agree, disagree or would like to address any points or topics that I ever miss or screw up. Please always feel welcome to reach out if you need help with your company’s online marketing efforts or web design needs. You can contact us online, or simply call me at (321) 217-9086.