We are happy to announce that a site conversion for our client RJD Risk Management is now live: https://rjdrm.com/

The client is actually the owner and Senior Vice President of IOA Risk Services, a division of the Insurance Office of America. RJD Risk Management, Inc. helps their clients increase profitability and lower their operating and insurance costs through comprehensive risk management and risk mitigation strategies. RJD Risk Management, Inc. is powered by more than 35 years of experience delivering a variety of integrated insurance tools, risk management, human resources, and consulting services designed to help mid-size companies, high hazard construction, hospitality, and healthcare industries run more efficiently and profitably.

Rick came to us here at BPAAC with a static hard-coded HTML site that was designed for him recently. He needed the capabilities to update his site, post blogs and easily SEO his site. Already pleased with his design and branding, Rick hired us here to convert the site to a WordPress format, while keeping the integrity of his current design intact. We were able to do this swiftly and economically. Needless to say the client is extremely pleased with the outcome.

Challenges of the Project

As with every project there were some challenges.
– The first was that the design company would NOT give us the PSD files. I cannot fathom why they would not, as when we design anything for a client the PSDs are always part of the deliverables. So basically our designers had to redo the design. The client wanted an exact duplication and that is what we gave to him. Add in the fact that this client is quite the perfectionist and the designers were challenged with color gradient issues, fonts and similar web design issues. Take a look at the header as an example and our lead designer was able to duplicate the gradient exactly as it was previously. The client was thrilled that it was duplicated perfectly.
– We do not host the site. The client wanted HTTPS and had to pay the hosting company for a secure certificate and to install it for him (due to the hosting company’s policies).
– We did make suggestions and adjustments that the client was receptive to during the process. There was no CTA (call-to-action), no verbiage on the Contact Form, no Privacy Policy, plus numerous other nuances that we corrected and adjusted. Again, a happy client.
– For SEO purposes we performed key word research for the client. Now to simply install Yoast and away we go! A little training and the client will be self sufficient (and obviously have control of his entire site from now on).

Need Help?

If you’re not satisfied with your current vendor, remember, as always, that everyone here at Piekarski & Associates is willing to help you. We are open to discussion and feedback. Please feel free to email me at bernie@bpaac.com or call us here at (407) 464-0244. Better yet, just call me directly on my cell (321) 217-9086 if you need help with your company’s online marketing efforts or web design needs. I’ll be happy to talk and give you the personal attention that all of our clients deserve and receive. That applies to everyone, whether your company is large or small. We actually enjoy helping people here at Piekarski & Associates!